Screenings and Awards

Past Awards

Sundance Film Festival–Official Selection

Utah, U S A
January 2009

Oxford Film Festival–Audience Award

Mississippi, U S A
February 2009

AFI Dallas Film Festival Target Filmmaker–Best Documentary

Texas, U S A
March 2009

Crossroads Film Festival–Audience Choice

Mississippi, U S A
April 2009

Hot Docs Film Festival–Audience Top 10

Ontario, Canada
April 2009

Past Screenings

United Nations Association Film Festival

California, U S A 
October 20th, 2009.

New Hampshire International Film Festival

New Hampshire, U S A 
October 15th-18th, 2009

Vancouver International Film Festival 

British-Columbia, Canada
October 1-16th, 2009

Zurich International Film Festival

Zurich, Switzerland
October 2009

Momentum Leadership Conference

California, U S A 
September 7th, 2009

Culture and Cultures Intercultural Film Festival

Padies, France
September 2009

Atlantic Film Festival

Nova Scotia, Canada
September 2009

Calgary International Festival

Alberta, Canada
September 2009

Cinefest Sudbury International Film Festival

Ontario, Canada
September 2009

Roxbury Film Festival

Massachusetts, U S A
August 2nd, 2009

Gimli Film Festival

Manitoba, Canada
Sunday, July 26th, 2009

Long Island International Film Expo

New York, U S A 
July 13th-19th 2009

National Education Association: 2009 Joint Conference On
The Concerns Of Minorities And Women.

California, U S A
June 28, 2009


New York, U S A
June 26, 2009

Provincetown International Film Festival.

Massachusetts, U S A
June 19-20, 2009

Palm Beach International Film Festival

Florida, U S A
April 2009

Memphis On:Location

Tennessee, U S A
April 2009

Las Vegas Film Festival

Nevada, U S A
April 2009

Hearts and Minds Film Festival

Delaware, U S A
April 2009

Ashland Independent Film Festival

Oregon, U S A
April 2009

Sonoma International Film Festival

California, U S A
April 2009

Cleveland International Film Festival

Cleveland, U S A
March 2009

San Luis Obispo International Film Festival

San Luis Obispo, U S A
March 2009

It may amaze many viewers that in this day and age -- particularly in this political moment -- an American high school would retain separate proms for black and white students. But such is the reality of "Prom Night in Mississippi," which scrutinizes a pint-sized town's travails when the school board finally consents to "try out" a first-ever colorblind fete. An upbeat portrait of youth anxious to shed their elders' prejudices, this inspirational Canadian-produced documentary is a perfectly timed crowdpleaser sure to score in broadcast and educational venues..---Variety

Saltzman descends on the scene to find out what students, teachers and parents are thinking as the kids finally take their friendships out of the classroom and onto the dance floor. As usual, the kids are way ahead of their elders, especially an interracial couple who discover prejudice’s unfortunate resilience and the power of their own love.Once we’re at the prom, there’s a huge emotional payoff.
Totally inspiring.
Four Stars--NOW Magazine.

It's an amazingly well made film. Beautifully shot, with a real sense of style. It has a lot of energy and heart even while dealing with such weighty matters as prejudice and race relations. You really get to know the group of students that the film focuses on, living through their day to day worries and joys. They really seem to be enjoying themselves and having a great time (and the kid with two dates to prom is hilarious). The problem has never really been the students, they're generally comfortable with people of other races. The problem was always really parents and administrators.---Word Spew